Throwback Thursday

Woah how time flies by! It’s been 3 years since “Game of Faith” album press release. The album was mainly written in the last few months of 2018, in a flurry of out-pouring! This album is focusing on trust in all sorts of relationships and situations.

Here’s what Liz had to say “It’s been a couple of crazy years for me, with huge personal life changes- which lead me to loosing my voice completely at one point, all of which left me struggling to trust my own judgement and learning to live on faith and hope- which is essentially all we have to go on when things get out of control.”

In addition, Game of Faith has a unique strategy based card game that was released with the album. It has been devised and designed to compliment the songs and lyrics of the material so that everyone can play their own “Game of Faith”.

Check out the album and the game here!!