Review by Simon Dominik Otte from

Since the day may still have been so strenuous that weather still so bad, the mood at the low point: The opener of “Love & Promises” draws you back out of your hole beyond, into life. And, although this song “Asleep” is. This (cash) piano melody, this fascinating voice, somewhere between delicate and disreputable at all the whole work leaves you again see colors and feel life. Best Americana, one could say that plain. And this deep charm that makes betimes even think to ARETHA FRANKLIN, at least, a positive playfulness, fun at doing, all this comes at the 5th album, fittingly recorded in Nashville to the utmost to support and blade. Here Blues is paired with Soul and Roots, here is to see how well it can be easy to have the right people in the right place and instrument. AUBURN is managed in the most pleasing. A really fascinating American (in the best sense) album full of ups – and the British of a band.And if there are depths, they are deliberate. Succeeded and beautiful