What the press said about ‘Game of Faith’ 


“it’s all high quality. It’s also all artsy and non-mainstream. This set leans in the jazz, blues and folk zone. It’s mostly mellow and all classy”

“intriguing and entertaining”

“so cool”

“intimate kind of retro styled blues”

Gary Hill, Music Street Journal (USA)

“Armed with a voice that is decidedly husky, Lenten’s soprano simultaneously carries an emotional torch that lights up the ballads and mid tempo tracks that fill the disc.”

Robert Kinsler, Rock ‘n’ Roll Truth (USA)

“Auburn’s “Game Of Faith” is such an appealing and enticing song, drawing you in to the “game” – with Liz’s soft but powerful and gritty vocals backed by very tasty guitar, bass and drums”

Alan Anderton, BCB Radio

“another new masterpiece in the discography”

Rootstime  (Belgium)

“…Exceptional and so sensitive vocal talent give a very special dimension to these songs, a vocal richness for a richness of emotions, an album with a real musical signature…”

-Radio I.S.A. FM (France)

“alluringly smoky”

DMME (Canada)

” Incredibly cool quiet songs in which you can, but cannot deepen”

Keys and Chords (Belgium)

 “Bloody hell – it is extraordinary! Mixing country, blues, and a dozen other things, once again Liz Lenten and her cohorts have produced a thing of wonder. But this time it is more deliciously melancholy than ever.”

-John Downes, Gonzo

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What the press said about ‘Love & Promises’ 2016

….Lenten’s writing is most profound when she follows her instincts and, ripping a genre rulebook, does what’s best for the song….joy flows on like molasses.’   

– Let it rock (Canada)

‘Love & Promises is an album that, aside from Lenten, also features the credible work of many (aforementioned) others that come together to, simply put, enable us to enjoy yet another quite brilliant album of music from Auburn. As Hunter S. Thompson once said:” Buy the ticket, take the ride”!

– Russell A. Trunk / Anne Carlini (USA)

“British singer Liz Lenten is showing her creativity and skills as songwriter by delivering 12 new songs on ‘Love & Promises’, her 4th album in merely 5 years, the recording of it took place for the 3rd time in Nashville, TN, with local session musicians and producer Thomm Jutz…..”

– Valére Sampermans / Rootstime  (Netherlands)

“The fragile whispering voice of Liz Lenten characterizes the sound of this album, and this is an album that contains both Americana and intimate songs.”

– Lambert Smits / Keys & Chords  (Belgium)

“Quantity has not diminished quality, as Thomm Jutz production, his Nashville backing crew’s soulful input, and Liz Lenten’s rootsy, intimate songs, delivered in her unique vocal style, has resulted in another transatlantic triumph.”

– David Innes / R2 Rock’N’Reel – (UK)

”Start to finish the allure of ‘Love & Promises’ remains strong, the temptation is so inviting you cannot refuse, this album will hold anyone that hears it, there’s a subtle allure that will not be denied.”

– Tom Franks / FolkWords  (UK)

‘Excellent songs and beautiful arrangements. Thanks to a more than excellent and inspired playing tie it all sounds fantastic, and it appears to be a nice growth picture, which appears to be even better after a few spins.’

– Holly Moors – Moors magazine

‘The band, Auburn has captured lead singer, Liz Lenten’s sultry blues style on their latest album, Love & Promises. ….The depth of emotion Liz conveys with each single word is fascinating especially on “Miss You Blues” and the title cut, “Love & Promises.”’

– Country entertainment (USA) 

‘Very lovely album. Auburn definitely has a unique sound. Love and Promises a release by Scarlet Records is a very enjoyable mellow album. Liz Lenten’s vocals are those of a unique artist. Very well produced record and well written songs’

– Sister Dorothy music blog (USA) 

“Love & Promises” out on June 17th. It features star singer Liz Lenten and her iconic, angelic voice spread across a dozen new tracks.’

– JPs Music blog (USA)

‘Different (*to previous AUBURN albums) but just as good, Liz Lenten is a fine lead vocalist, but she’s just as much as an actress and nearly another instrument as the whole comes together.  Top shelf Americana that reaches all quadrants of this amorphous genre, this set’s a winner throughout.’

– Midwestrecords (USA)

‘A really fascinating American (in the best sense) album full of ups – and the British of a band. And if there are depths, they are deliberate. Succeeded and beautiful.’

– Simon Otte / Blueprint fanzine (Germany)

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What the press said about ‘Mixed Feelings’ CD – 2015

“… delivering melodic dramatic monologue, Liz Lenten is among the best around”

-David Innes, R2 magazine (UK)

“Having saddled up their unique blend of Americana, the first track is the title track, ‘Mixed Feelings.’ Brought forth by the raw, real, emotional blues roots tone of lead singer Liz Lenten, her lyrical genius and vocal expertise are a perfect match for the band that backs her at every turn”  

– Anne Carlini (USA)

“Auburn makes wonderfully atmospheric music… the kind of country that first turned rappers on to Johnny Cash because he was such an OG”  

– Midwest records ( USA )

“Liz Lenten’s vocals are the focus. Hers is a voice with a lot of character, a voice that seems to almost effortlessly draw in listeners.”   

– MM Blog ( USA )

“The album fairly begs for repeat plays after each and every listen.”  

– Anne Carlini ( USA )

“An excellent record full of brilliant and honest songs about life and all its emotions.”  

– Rootstime ( Belgium )

“Liz Lenten is not only a fine singer-songwriter, but she also has a very distinct, very special voice timbre – Emotional, warm, sometimes raucous…. ”  

– Ung Tro ( Sweden )

“Killer stuff that really takes you by surprise”.  

– Midwest records ( USA )

Hurting video shoot still lo res“A remarkable energy is ever-present” 

– David Innes, R2

“A sound that is as evocative as it is moving” 

Neil King, Fatea

“Auburn have cemented their place within the genre with this album”

 – Ravenheart

“We’ve been stopped in our tracks by Liz Lenten and Auburn’s dramatic genre-amalgam Nashville” 

Flying Shoes

……A cultural microcosm of the new sound for American roots music!

– Bop n Jazz

Despite the harrowing subject of domestic abuse….Auburn succeeds through the quality of the song writing and in vocalist Liz Lenten’s delivery

– R2 Un-Herd Volume 51 May/June 2015