Auburn Acoustic are touring UK as the special guests of ‘Live Dead 69’ an all star band from USA .  They will be playing a few songs from their last 2 CDs  – 2015’s ‘Mixed Feelings’ and recent 2016 release ‘Love & Promises’.

Live Dead 69 are: original Grateful Dead pianist Tom Constanten, who played all the keyboards on the original “Live Dead” recording, inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and was essential to Grateful Dead’s first 2 ambitious/ experimental studio recordings “Anthem of The Sun” and “Aoxomoxoa.”

Also, Mark Karan, lead guitarist with Bob Weir’s Rat Dog and The Other Ones,; Slick Aguilar who played lead guitar in Jefferson Starship & KBC for 26 years and with David Crosby Band before that; UK drummer Richard Newman who also played in Jefferson Starship, and with Rory Gallagher, Paul Rodgers, Deb Bonham and many others; and, UK multi-instrumentalistTony Morelli, also of Jefferson Starship complete the line-up.

Live Dead 69 shall perform the classic “Live Dead” (recorded in 1969) in its entirety for the first time anywhere ever, with assorted other selections!

Review by Simon Dominik Otte from

Since the day may still have been so strenuous that weather still so bad, the mood at the low point: The opener of “Love & Promises” draws you back out of your hole beyond, into life. And, although this song “Asleep” is. This (cash) piano melody, this fascinating voice, somewhere between delicate and disreputable at all the whole work leaves you again see colors and feel life. Best Americana, one could say that plain. And this deep charm that makes betimes even think to ARETHA FRANKLIN, at least, a positive playfulness, fun at doing, all this comes at the 5th album, fittingly recorded in Nashville to the utmost to support and blade. Here Blues is paired with Soul and Roots, here is to see how well it can be easy to have the right people in the right place and instrument. AUBURN is managed in the most pleasing. A really fascinating American (in the best sense) album full of ups – and the British of a band.And if there are depths, they are deliberate. Succeeded and beautiful

Review by G.W.Hill from

Love and Promises
Review by G. W. Hill

The newest disc from Auburn continues their musical exploration. It’s not a big change from anything they’ve done in the past. Instead, it’s a solid collection of the kind of songs you’d expect. There is an artsy side to this act (mostly derived from the half whispered vocals), but overall their sound it more based in roots music. It has a lot of blues and a lot of folk built into it. This is a solid disc overall.

Track by Track Review
There is a trippy, dreamy element at the start of this. Folk and Americana merge as the acoustic guitar brings it in from there. As the vocals join the mix of those elements complete. This is like a psychedelia meets country and Americana styled piece. It rocks out more further down the musical road, too. The piece continues by alternating the mellower and more rocking movements.
In My Blood
Acoustic guitar leads this one. This is sort of country blues take on folk music. The powered up sections have a bit of a soulful vibe. The organ adds a retro flavor to the piece.
Love & Promises
This tune really feels like the 1970s. It has that same folk and country influenced soft rock sound that was so popular in those days. It’s a really accessible tune.
Miss You Blues
This is a gentle and slow moving acoustic blues based cut. Although the basis of the track is acoustic, there is some electric guitar here.
Folk rock and country merge on this number.
Cross the Deep Atlantic
With male vocals mirroring the female ones, this is a gentle folk son.
Safety Net
The mellow bluesy tune is one of my favorites here. It has a definite folk element at play, too.
Ivory Moon
Another folk rocker, this has blues and country in the mix, too. It grows out in some cool was as it continues, too.
Stupid Game
There is no huge change here. This is one of the mellower cuts, really.
If Everyone Was Listening
Blues, country and rock merge on this accessible number. It’s more powered up than the last tune. It’s an accessible and compelling piece of music.
Tell Me
This starts mellow, but eventually works to more powered up stuff. It’s not a big departure, but it’s quite good.
State of Grace
An energized number, this doesn’t reinvent the wheel. That said, it’s quite effective.

Live review from Wolverhampton, Robin 2, Feb 2015

With folk music an integral part of the Jefferson’s sounds, support act Auburn, a UK band fronted by vocalist Liz Lenten, seemed the ideal choice to get the healthy sized crowd into the mood for the guys and gal from over the pond. Playing as a three piece acoustic unit tonight, my first impressions took me back to another 60’s trio, The Springfields (ask your parents!).  I think the gentle, laid back nature of opening song ‘ Sitia Bay ’ almost caught the crowd in two minds, so polite was the applause. Slowly, Liz and the boys started to win them over with a set of their bluesy, folksy story telling music, undoubtedly heavily influenced by sounds American.

With solid, if not spectacular support, given that they never moved from their respective stools, from guitarist Mark Gustavina and bassist Jevon Beaumont, Liz Lenten at times sang with a frailty that gave her songs an atmosphere and emotion that a balls-out delivery might have ruined, not that she hadn’t got the power when needed!  Al though showcasing a new, soon to be released album, Mixed Feelings, I have to say my set highlight was the aforementioned ‘ Sitia Bay ’, with its Billie Holliday vocal treatment.

Given that we now had an hour to wait before the appearance of Jefferson Starship, could not Auburn have given us a couple more, I wonder.


Live review from Wolverhampton, Robin 2, Feb 2015