Game of Faith Press Release!

Release date:May 2019    Label:Scarlet/Gonzo     Cat No:SR040CD

faith symbol

Auburn is fresh back from Nashville with a brand new album – Game of Faith!

The new album was mainly written in the last few months of 2018, in a flurry of outpouring!  As always with Liz Lenten’s prolific song writing themes cover the usual range of reflections of emotions and situations – focusing this album on Trust, in all sorts of relationships and situations.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 17.20.49Says Liz, “Its been a couple of crazy years for me, with huge personal life changes – which lead to me losing my voice completely at one point, all of which left me struggling to trust my own judgement and learning to live on faith and hope – which is essentially all we have to go on when things get out of control.


As with Auburn’s previous releases, the band’s new album was recorded once again in Nashville. Says Liz, “Nashville is one of the most wonderful cities on earth to me – buzzing with music and creativity. My fantastic multi-award-winning producer, Thomm Jutz, (Nanci Griffith, Mary Gauthier, Bill Anderson, Otis Gibbs, Mac Wiseman,), totally brings my ideas to life, is there, so I would go wherever he was! And the musicians are amazing – all so incredibly talented and sensitive – and just lovely people to be around’.

In addition, GAME OF FAITH has a unique strategy-based card game that will be launched with the album…  It has been devised and designed to compliment the songs and lyrics of the material… that everyone can play their own ‘Game of Faith’……more details nearer release about this…

Musicians featured on “Game of Faith” are:

Liz Lenten – vocals

Thomm Jutz – producer/guitars (Nanci Griffiths, Mary Gauthier, Mac Wise)

Mark Fain – bass (Ry Cooder, Ricky Skaggs)

Lynn Williams – drums (Delbert McClinton, Lee Roy Parnell, The Wallflowers)

Britt Savage – harmony vocals (Garth Brooks, Crystal Gayle)


Auburn Acoustic will be touring UK supporting LIVE DEAD 69                               starting 26th March 2019 for details

Track listing / game characters

Track Title Character
1 Game of faith The Everyman (wild card)
2 Bad Girl, good woman The accomplice
3 I don’t love him The Ex-Lover
4 I drank The broken -hearted drunk
5 Prosecco-fuelled profiles The serial dater
6 Trinidad The Gold digger
7 Red velvet pillow The spoilt brat
8 Happy Nowhere The contented dreamer
9 Misshapen fruit The tenacious survivor
10 Its not love The friend with benefits
11 Float to blue The loyal friend
12 Spoke in the wheel The One-night stand
13 Like I do The commitment-phobe
14 His arms The believer


What the press said about Auburn’s last release:

….Lenten’s writing is most profound when she follows her instincts and, ripping a genre rulebook, does what’s best for the song….joy flows on like molasses.’   Let it rock (Canada)

‘Love & Promises is an album that, aside from Lenten, also features the credible work of many (aforementioned) others that come together to, simply put, enable us to enjoy yet another quite brilliant album of music from Auburn. As Hunter S. Thompson once said:” Buy the ticket, take the ride”! Russell A. Trunk / Anne Carlini (USA)

“British singer Liz Lenten is showing her creativity and skills as songwriter by delivering 12 new songs on ‘Love & Promises’, her 4th album in merely 5 years, the recording of it took place for the 3rd time in Nashville, TN, with local session musicians and producer Thomm Jutz…..”  Valére Sampermans / Rootstime  (Netherlands)

“Quantity has not diminished quality, as Thomm Jutz production, his Nashville backing crew’s soulful input, and Liz Lenten’s rootsy, intimate songs, delivered in her unique vocal style, has resulted in another transatlantic triumph.”  David Innes / R2 Rock’N’Reel – (UK) 

‘Different (*to previous AUBURN albums) but just as good, Liz Lenten is a fine lead vocalist, but she’s just as much as an actress and nearly another instrument as the whole comes together.  Top shelf Americana that reaches all quadrants of this amorphous genre, this set’s a winner throughout.’ Midwestrecords (USA)

”Start to finish the allure of ‘Love & Promises’ remains strong, the temptation is so inviting you cannot refuse, this album will hold anyone that hears it, there’s a subtle allure that will not be denied.” Tom Franks / FolkWords  (UK)

‘Excellent songs and beautiful arrangements. Thanks to a more than excellent and inspired playing tie it all sounds fantastic, and it appears to be a nice growth picture, which appears to be even better after a few spins.’ Holly Moors – Moors magazine

“Love & Promises” out on June 17th. It features star singer Liz Lenten and her iconic, angelic voice spread across a dozen new tracks.’ JPs Music blog (USA)