Bman’s Blues Report Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Game of Faith, from Auburn and it’s quite interesting. Opening with Game of Faith, a cool jazzy pop track with really strong vocals by Liz Lenten and clean, stylized guitar work by Thomm Jutz really make this one of my favorites on the release. Backed by Mark Fain on bass, Lynn Williams on drums and Britt Savage on backing vocals, a real nice opener. Lightly salted funky track, I Don’t Love Him has a great feel and just the right amount of lead guitar. A purposeful melody and lush chords make this track an outstanding radio prospect. I really like the delicate balance between Lenten’s almost fragile vocal  and the saturated tone of the electric guitar on It’s Not Love. Very interesting contrast. Another track that keeps me listening is Spoke In The Wheel and Lenten’s almost Toya Wilson like vocal delivery, against the glistening chords of Jutz. Wrapping the release is sensitive ballad, His Arm sand Lenten’s vocals balanced lightly on the acoustic guitar work of Jutz. I wouldn’t say this is a traditional blues release by any means, but it is a really interesting release.


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